What Show Has Won the Most Emmys?

Frasier wins the prize for the most Emmy wins — 37. Cheers and ER hold the record for the most nominations — 117 in all.

Source: Emmy FAQ

How do I wear my horns?

Your new horns are handmade from durable Neoprene rubber and strung on a strong acrylic polymer jewelry cord. WEARING: It should be as easy as wearing a headband. Place the stretch cord behind your neck, and position the horns at the top of your forehead. Do not place the cord in front of your neck and wear the horns like a party hat–it both looks and feels uncomfortable!

Source: www.goblinart.com

What product is taking up the most space in US landfills?

The item most frequently encountered in MSW landfills is plain old paper—on average, it accounts for more than 40 percent of a landfill’s contents. This proportion has held steady for decades and in some landfills has actually risen. Newspapers alone can take up as much as 13 percent of the space in US landfills.

Organic materials, including paper, do not easily biodegrade once they are disposed of in a landfill. Paper is many times more resistant to deterioration when compacted in a landfill than when it is in open contact with the atmosphere. Research by William Rathje, who runs the Garbage Project , has shown that, when excavated from a landfill, newspapers from the 1960s can be intact and readable.

Source: www.epa.gov

What is pork-barrel spending?

In conjunction with the bipartisan Congressional Porkbusters Coalition, CAGW has developed seven criteria for identifying pork-barrel spending. All of the items in the Congressional Pig Book Summary meet at least one of CAGW’s seven criteria, but most satisfy at least two:

  • Requested by only one chamber of Congress;
  • Not specifically authorized;
  • Not competitively awarded;
  • Not requested by the President;
  • Greatly exceeds the President’s budget request or the previous year’s funding;
  • Not the subject of congressional hearings; or
  • Serves only a local or special interest.

Source: www.cagw.org

When was Labor Day first celebrated in the United States?

On Sept. 5, 1882, when about 20,000 working people marched in New York City to demand an eight-hour workday and other labor law reforms. In a parade up Broadway, sponsored by New York’s Central Labor Union, they carried banners reading, “Labor Creates All Wealth” and “Eight Hours for Work, Eight Hours for Rest, Eight Hours for Recreation.” About a quarter million New Yorkers turned out to watch. The fight to preserve overtime pay for more than eight hours of work a day marks this Labor Day 122 years later.

Source: www.aflcio.org/aboutus/laborday/faq.cfm