Should I come in full steampunk dress?

Should you? That’s up to you, honestly. Do you HAVE to? The answer to that is a resounding NO! Just like not everyone who likes steampunk reads books with a steampunk setting, Steampunk is not just about the dress-up part (though many people enjoy it and have a great time putting together the “just right” outfit or prop!) If you’ve got it- flaunt it! If you want to come to the event in your regular daily wear, that’s awesome too!
But if you haven’t pulled together an outfit that you feel shows off your inner steampunk, you’ll never find a better time to get creative and try it out. Don’t worry about whether you’re “steampunk enough”, either. We’ve seen people pull off a perfect and visually recognizable steampunk look with jeans and a vest over a t-shirt. If you’re just starting out and have any questions or need some advice, message us!

Mostly though, remember to dress comfortably and prepare for heat or cold. And a lot of walking- so bring comfortable shoes!