Is Guy Fieri a Freemason?


No. Guy sometimes wears a ring with a Freemason symbol; the ring used to belong to his grandfather. Guy does not know if his grandfather was or was not a Freemason. See trivia questions.

However, Guy Fieri does have a fraternal association: a proud member of Alpha Tau Omega (ATO), a national leadership development fraternity, while in college. video website


What are some of the common items that D.J.s and people wear in the dubstep music scene?


Along with t-shirts, Items such as hoodies, stickers and hats are big sellers in the dubstep music scene. Ask any true fan, D.J. or Producer of dubstep and it is likely that they have a couple articles of clothing, Posters or other items such as mouse pads with designs or logos related to the Dub scene. Some of the common elements that repeat themselves in Dubstep related design are Woofers, Sound systems, Headphones, Dub plates and words or phrases such as “BIG UP”, “BRAPPP” and “WOBBLE” as well as parody taken from corporate logos, reggae and dub music. A very popular design has been the RUN DMC Dubstep logo. This design and many more can be purchased all over the internet.


You just gave birth your 8th daughter, how was the 18th pregnancy compared to your 1st?

As with any first time birth experience you might have fear of the unknown. As we approach each birth there are still the concerns of the unknowns such as the labor and delivery, each one has been different but having had the experience over and over does help some. Each time we have prayed for the health of mom and baby, and asked for a healthy, easy delivery.(As much as possible when were talking about labor!) I’ve had three C-sections, one with our second birth, twins, Jana and John-David, with our 15th, Jackson and with Jordyn-Grace. All the rest have been vaginal births, 13 of which have been VBAC’s. (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) We were hoping to have another VBAC with this last delivery.

I would say the greatest change that I have seen in the field of obstetrics, and I might add that it is very troubling to me, is the idea that once you’ve had a C-section you must have a C-section for any other pregnancy. It is much healthier for mom and baby to avoid major surgery and all the complications that go along with a C-section if possible. Granted, there are health situations that would warrant such, but for years obstetrics encouraged TOL (Trial Of Labor after previous C-section) with many successful healthy vaginal births. It was quite alarming to be told that I could no longer have a vaginal birth due to hospital or insurance companies regulations. It appears that what is best for the patient is not the priority with this decision. I feel our health care is being jeopardized by this unhealthy approach. Doctors are having to tell their patients that they no longer offer VBAC assistance due to hospital regulations and some might even state to the patient that they are not safe so as to avoid confrontation. Statistics prove much differently. For the many women that find themselves in this situation, ICAN is an organization that is very helpful in gaining more information on this topic. One of which I believe will be reversed in the near future as more women make a clear statement to health care providers and insurance companies as to how they would prefer to deliver there babies in a safer, healthier manner. (Now I will step off my soapbox!)

We are thankful our hospital allows trying a VBAC as long as they have an anesthesialogist on hand in case there is an emergency. On Thursday, December 18th we went to get Michelle checked by the doctor after Michelle had been having labor pains throughout the night. The doctor checked her and said she was dialated to about 4cm, but the baby was transverse like her brother Jackson had been.

Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar had to be delivered via C–section. We are thankful Jordyn-Grace is healthy and Michelle is recovering quickly.


How did you become an impersonator for Stevie Nicks?

I grew up in Arizona. As I grew older many people would stop to say how much I looked like Stevie. A woman I worked with shared how popular look-a-like shows were in Arizona and they paid top dollar for great entertainment. I entered a contest and placed third in it. After that one performance, my career soared as an impersonator.


What types of fireworks are associated with most injuries?

Between June 16 and July 16, 2006:

  • Firecrackers were associated with the greatest number of estimated injuries at 1,300. There were 1,000 injuries associated with sparklers and 800 associated with rockets.
  • Sparklers accounted for one-third of the injuries to children less than 5 years of age.

Between 2000-2005, more than one-third of the fireworks-related deaths involved professional devices that were illegally sold to consumers.


How should I behave with an escort?

You should behave with an escort like you would behave with your date. Don’t forget that she is a human and she deserves respect and your care. Please try to be polite, generous and kind to your escort to earn a better rating. This is not allowed because of few reasons the most important being the abuse of an email id or telephone by anyone that can be very disturbing to an individual and the other being the email id susceptible to spam and virus attacks.


Is The Brick Testament really created entirely out of LEGO?

Everything but the background sky is built out of LEGO brand building blocks. There are a few select instances where Rev. Smith has resorted to modifying LEGO pieces with a hobby knife or permanent ink marker, but by far the vast majority of everything you see in The Brick Testament are unaltered LEGO parts from sets that date from the 1960s up to the present day, artfully recombined to form the characters and settings that make up these Bible stories.


Who is the typical Super Bowl attendee?

The average Super Bowl attendee spends four nights in a hotel. Of the attendees, 85% are from another state, 70-90% arrive by plane and the average fan spends $1,500 – $2,000 during his/her stay. Of these visitors:

  • 60% classify their occupation as managerial or professional.
  • 53% earn at least $75,000 per year.
  • 38% earn more than $100,000 per year.
  • 65% are key decision-makers in their company.
  • 60% of the above key decision-makers work at companies who host meetings outside of their corporate headquarters.
  • 70% of these decision-makers would consider holding a meeting in the host city after visiting because of their positive Super Bowl experience.
  • 20% would consider expanding their present operations in the host city area.
  • 29% would consider establishing business operations in the host city area.