Is a vampire safe going to a regular medical doctor, or can they conceal their vampirism?

Depends. If they went for a check up, probably. If they needed blood tests or tissue test … then maybe. If just regular blood tests probably, but if going for any sort of DNA test, including Parental testing, the differences in DNA might catch the attention of the Lab worker.


What are queer vampires?

The term ‘queer vampire’ is a hard one to exactly define. In general, vampires are considered to be creatures of legend who drink the blood, vitality, energy or some other ‘essence’ of mortals. While the most popular type of vampire drinks blood, there are others that may feed off of sexual energy, psychic energy, youth, fertility, or even mother’s milk.

With how imprecise the term vampire is, queer is even more so. In general, queer refers to those who have a sexual or affectional preference for those of the same sex, or who have personal characteristics that cross gender boundaries. However, due to the nature of many vampire movies and books, we may not know what exactly the characters are thinking. Because of this, some of the items mentioned in this site may only have strong homoerotic appeal.

The purpose of this site is not to ‘out’ characters, nor to define what is and isn’t queer. If items are included because of implied interest or homoeroticism, that will be stated. It is then up to the individual viewer/reader/surfer to decide whether or not it is a queer item.